Slowly making it.

2009-12-06 19:35:06 by Messyman16

So things are getting crazy with college finals, right now I'm in Graphic Design 2 and Website design class. So my finals for each class is to design a clothing tag in graphic design and build a full website. So far its going ok, a little rushed since my website is due on the 15th but I'm not so scared cuz I've got everything almost done. Next semester I'm gonna take a class in Flash, hopefully my graphic design degree will be over cuz I wanna start in animation. For now if you wanna see my work, just go to my DA page.

College wonder-ness!

2009-09-02 06:42:26 by Messyman16

So I started last week and its been awesome. Hanging out with friends and doing classes has been good for my concentration since I didn't get crap done during summer. Taking 3 classes, 1 graphic design, self promotion, and website design. Since my computer is a hunk of crap I'm gonna try and animate at college until I can afford a new computer. But its cool, hopefully I can stop sucking long enough to make an animation and finally post something.

Almost ready

2009-06-03 06:20:27 by Messyman16

I've been working on Flash and getting better. I still don't know how to add music, convert them to WAV, and I need to find a good mic for voice recording. Can anyone give me any tips on these please?

Well I've had this account for a while but now that I've started animating, I can finally put it to use. I'll just say some stuff about myself, my name is Greg and I usually go by the name GregMan a little superhero gag developed in HighSchool and stuck with me (I wanted to use GregMan as my username but it seems someone took it and I'm unable to change usernames.) I love ska music, sketching, juggling, and many other things. I've recently began animating, which is HARD but really cool to do. So theres a little about me.